Here is everything you need to know about Olife’s Loyalty Points System

by Olife Team


We love to give back to our loyal and new customers! Our point system was curated simply to give you more rewards for buying from us! The loyalty system can work for you with the first click of a button. You can automatically earn 1000 points simply creating your profile. You can earn 200 points by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and another 200 when you subscribe to our newsletter. That way you’ll already have earned 1400 points before even making your first purchase!

What if you already have an account? Does this mean you don’t get to earn points unless you buy something? Absolutely not! 

You can also earn 500 points by writing a product review for 500 points, or updating your birthdate on your profile for 2,625 points or referring Olife to a friend for 7,875 points upon their first purchase.

With every 1 EGP you spend on the website, you get 5 points in return. The cashback starts once your points reach a certain number. 

  • When you spend 500 EGP you get 2500 points, which gives you a cashback of 25 EGP
  • When you spend 1000 EGP you get 5000 points, which gives you a cashback of 50 EGP
  • When you spend 1500 EGP you get 7500 points, which gives you a cashback of 75 EGP

That way, you’ll never run out of ways to collect points! Get collecting!!!

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