Body Braces Guide

by Radwa El Samahy

Designed to support an area of pain in your body, such as your back, shoulders or elbows, following surgical operations, body braces can also be used as a sort of preventative measure for joint or muscle conditions or even posture correction. In addition to medical conditions, or post-surgery necessities, body braces are also intended to provide support for mild injuries and conditions resulting from repetitive movements and prolonged activities within the workplace. Without the help of a brace, these movements can worsen and become more severe. 

There are multiple types of body braces to choose from, depending on the location of your pain. The main types are elbow braces, back support braces, shoulder braces, knee support braces, hand and wrist braces, and foot & ankle braces. Choosing the right type of body brace allows you to get back to your normal daily routine in a quicker and easier way. 

Whether you’ve recently had surgery or just mildly injured a part of your body, wearing a body brace helps restrict your movement in the injured area, in order not to make the injury worse during the healing process. 

When movement is reduced during the healing process, your body benefits from stability and compression as you continue your daily activities, such as exercising, gardening or even even sitting at your desk. You will simply be doing all those activities in a better posture, allowing you to feel less pain and heal faster. 

Depending on the condition of your injury or your personal preference, there are three types of braces material you can choose from: 

    1. Rigid brace: Form-fitting plastic mold with a rigid - typically metal - support, to restrict movement by between 50 to 65%
    2. Soft brace: Elastic brace that limits your movement with a smaller percentage, and is usually used in very mild cases.
    3. Semi-rigid brace: This one combines elements from both soft and rigid braces within one design, through adding a rigid support to the body of a flexible brace. Sometimes these rigid parts are removable, allowing you to customize the level of stability to your needs.
Whether you are looking for a body brace for a medical condition or simply trying to be more proactive towards your wellbeing, we got you covered!
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