Apps to help sort your finances

by Ohoud Saad

As we get older, more independent, and dive head first into adulthood and financial responsibility, it can be quite overwhelming. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, married with kids, the beginning of financial independence can be quite a rollercoaster. If it’s not so for you, then kudos! You’re doing a great job. But some of us need some extra help managing our finances, figuring out how to save for the future, how to invest, amongst many things. Well, ‘there’s an app for that!’ as they so popularly say.  

Financial Feminist

Ladies, hear me out. Men, you can listen to this too or skip over to the next one but it’s good to understand different perspectives as well so maybe, stick around! So, this actually isn’t an app, it’s a podcast (which you can listen to on an app so I’m not mistaken here!). Financial Feminist is a business podcast by Tori Dunlap, an internationally-recognized millennial money and career expert. After saving 100,000USD at the age of 25, she quit her corporate job and founded Her First $100K, fighting against inequality, pay gaps, as well as educating women on financial freedom, investment, career path, tools, and so much more. She does just that through her podcasts sharing so much insight and wisdom through her experiences as well as through interviews with special guests. You can listen right here:


You Need a Budget

You do, and this app does just that for you. You Need a Budget or YNAB as it’s more popularly known is an app built on four main rules: ‘Give every dollar a job, Embrace your true expenses, Roll with the punches and Age your money.’ With a cool and user-friendly interface, it, dare I say, makes budgeting almost fun. You start by estimating your expenses, adding your bank accounts then assigning money to these expenses. Through organizing your finances with the app, it helps you pay off debts, save money for investments, manage savings, and of course give you a better and bigger picture of your spending habits. It’s not a free app but as they say, you need to spend money to make money (sometimes) and this could just be one of those times. You can check it here:



This app is a very helpful tool for tracking and managing joint expenses. Whether you’re a couple, friends on a trip together, roommates, or siblings who have an ongoing roster of payments for family gifts like my sisters and I, this app is a godsend. It’s simple, to the point and does as it promises: splits. You can create different groups, add other people with the app to that group, log in all shared expenses, assign who paid what, and at the end with a click of a button you ‘Settle Up’ and it calculates everything for you with who owes whom what. In some countries you can even settle and pay your friends though PayPal or similar apps straight from Splitwise. You can check it here:



Ah! Old school. You can always go back to basics and use a good old Excel sheet, customize it to your liking and manage your expenses and budgeting through it. Excel actually has quite some templates (because come on, we’re trying to make life easier for you here) that are free for use. You can pick one that suits your needs the most, make any needed adjustments or extra calculations and voila, you’ve got yourself a financial tracker that might not be as cool as an app but it still does the job!

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